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You know about Taurus Software solutions that help move, map, measure, and manage your data and improve business efficiencies. But have you thought about utilizing Taurus Services? Taurus Services is a reliable and inexpensive alternative to doing all the work yourself.

Whether you need extra help, expert help, or both – Taurus has the experience and the expertise to get the work done efficiently and on schedule.  Our services include customized development, business specific enhancements, help with data movement projects, and much more… We encourage you to take a look at the services below and contact us for more information!





ServiceIconUpgrade Services:

Taurus supplies information for Customers that want to perform their own upgrades. For those who prefer some assistance, we offer the following:


  • Ecomedate Data Foundation Upgrades 
  • Ecomedate Re-Implementation from MPE to Open Systems
  • Measures for CW Data Foundation Upgrades
  • Measures for Distribution Data Foundation Upgrades
  • Hyperion Upgrades


ServiceIcon2Custom Development:

Every business has requirements unique to their business. Let our development team customize existing reports or create custom new queries to satisfy all your business specific needs.


  • Custom Analysis Suite Queries for Ecomedate
  • Custom Analysis Suite Queries for Measures for CW
  • Custom Analysis Suite Queries for Measures for Distributors
  • Implementation of additional tables to Ecomedate or Measures for CW


ServiceIcon3Other Services:

  • Hyperion Installation Support. A Hyperion expert will help you install Hyperion on a new server either as part of new installation or upgrade to a new version of Hyperion. Services can be provided using Hyperion 8.5, 9.x, or 11.
  • Hyperion Query Development/Customization Services A Hyperion expert will produce a new query custom for your use or modify an existing query to better suit your needs. Work can be done using Hyperion 8.5, 9.x, or 11. Work can be done independently or cooperatively.
  • Data Movement Development Services A DataBridger expert can either help you create new work product or help maintain or modify an existing data foundation environment. Our experts can provide services to design, develop, test, instruct or support data movement. Work can be done independently or cooperatively. Work can be done using any of the following databases: Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, OpenEdge, Eloquence, TurboImage, or ODBC level 3 compliant database. Work can be done using any of the following operating systems: Windows, Unix, or AS400.

ServiceIcon4Special Projects:

  • Application migration
  • Archival of historical data
  • New interface between applications.
  • Design and implementation of new data source or structures to support analysis (Data Store or Data Warehouse)