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WarehousingData Warehousing

Projects to create a Data Warehouse usually involve gathering data from various sources with different formats, definitions and database structures. A tool that can successfully create structure from data chaos is critical – Taurus has the tools and experience to help.

Taurus Software’s ETL Products – DataBridger and BridgeWare – can handle the most challenging Data Warehouse Creation projects. Our products are intuitive, efficient, scalable, and will reduce your development time and cost of the project.

WarehousingIllustration2DataBridger and BridgeWare extraction, transformation and load and aggregation tools can access an array of source databases including Image, Eloquence, Progress OpenEdge, Allbase, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, ODBC level-3 Compliant files and databases, delimited and flat files, KSAM and XML files. Data can be extracted, reformatted, transformed, archived and moved between these environments on MPE, AS/400, Windows, UNIX and Linux systems.

DataBridger’s change detection capabilities allow real time data warehouse updates or incremental updates of only changed records. Users don’t have to wait for a data warehouse reload to access their analyses.

Aggregating data to create star schemas or merging data to build fact tables is easy using DataBridger graphic mapping Studio.

DataBridger and BridgeWare are used to build target environments, define how data will move between new and existing files and databases, and then schedule and monitor the data loads as they are deployed.



Our data warehouse tools have robust, intuitive features including:

  • Read directly from your data source(s) and write to target(s), no intermediate files necessary
  • View database structures, attributes and contents
  • Perform drag and drop mapping.
  • Automatically create transformation and data cleansing scripts
  • Speed up development with access to pre-built data transformation macros.
  • Metadata repository houses all logic rules and data definitions.
  • Design and build target DB structures or map to existing structures
  • Perform Data Profiling to identify potential errors and dirty data.
  • Preview data prior to data loads.
  • Create reconciliation routines to prove source and target are in sync
  • Detect, Capture and feed changes to data warehouse real time or batch



For complete information about our DataBridger software, visit our DataBridger page.

Do you require compatibility with MPE Production Databases? See our Bridgeware page.

Are you interested in a solution that includes hardware and installation?  Contact us for more information on this complete package solution.