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While technology replacement is typically the most common purpose for data migration, companies need to migrate data for any number of reasons including creating test environments, data synchronization between applications, creation of historic repositories post application migration, etc.

Taurus can provide both the tools and the expertise to handle all types of data migration. Whether you want an all-at-once “big bang” migration, the greater certainty of a staged migration, or parallel testing, nothing handles the job better, faster or more cost-effectively than Taurus’ Data Movement tools.

Migration7Without the proper tools, data migration can be extremely challenging. Companies embarking on migration projects need to determine how to migrate their data and what data migration tool to select. Some issues to consider include:


  • Source and target data types and formats
  • Data retention requirements
  • Downstream data access requirements
  • Size of source databases and the time available to perform the data migration
  • Skill sets of people performing the migration


Taurus’ Data Movement Tools Can Help You!

Taurus’ DataBridger and BridgeWare are used to build target environments, define how data will move between new and existing files and databases, and then schedule and monitor the data loads as they are deployed. Our staff members are experts in the field of data migration and can provide deployment assistance and documentation to ensure a smooth process.

DataBridger and BridgeWare are extraction, transformation and load tools (ETL) that can access Image, Eloquence, Progress, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, ODBC Compliant files and databases, delimited and flat files, KSAM and XML files. Data can be extracted and moved between these environments on MPE, AS/400, Windows, UNIX and Linux systems.


Benefits of Our Migration Tools:

Retain copies of the detailed transformations and statistics about rows moved from source to target for audit purposes.

Generate reconciliation routines to prove that the source and target data are in sync – even between disparate environments.

Create target databases for both testing and production. The target databases or files could be already defined by other vendors or applications, or could be new targets to be designed by you.

Reduce development time with our unique preview functionality that automatically identifies data that will not convert to the target properly prior to the migration.  This allows developers to modify transformation logic and fix errors BEFORE the physical data load, which saves time, effort and avoids multiple re-loads.

Minimize need for database-specific experts – DataBridger/BridgeWare understands proprietary databases, such as Image and relational data types so the developers don’t have to.  An Oracle or SQL Server DBA, or a data analyst can easily map and move data from Image to Oracle or SQL Server without having to learn about Image data types and visa-versa.

Maintain a meta data repository – Mappings are stored as meta data in a repository. This meta data controls the creation of the load process, selective loads, full loads and incrementals. Modifying the mappings graphically allows automatic re-generation of the loads.

Reduce required disc space – No disc space required for intermediate files. This allows large sites to perform a migration in a reasonable time frame.

Perform very rapid data migrations, limiting downtime when performing data loads.

Merge any number of sources into the new target(s), using a user friendly, intuitive, graphic interface.

Ability to drastically change the structure of the data as it moves. Data can be moved from a normalized structure to a denormalized structure or vice-versa to meet your needs.



For complete information about our DataBridger software, visit our DataBridger page.

Do you require compatibility with MPE Production Databases? See our Bridgeware page.

Are you interested in a solution that includes hardware and installation? Contact us to get more information on this complete package solution.