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bi_Icon2Business Intelligence

Today, companies need feedback on their strategies faster than ever before.  Taurus’ Business Intelligence Solutions provide you with the data analytics you need to make the right decisions at the right time. Taurus’ Business Intelligence solutions consolidate data from multiple systems and locations and provide real time access to unlimited data for analysis – without disruption to production and transaction systems.

Offering  pre-built Business Intelligence solutions for customers using Ecometry, CW/Serenade, CW/Direct and Infor Distribution SX.e applications, as well as tools for companies to build their own real time analytical environments, Taurus helps companies save costs, increase efficiencies and expand market reach.  Our Data Analytics maximize the user experience with a set of easy to use dashboards, queries and reports.

bi_screen1Seize revenue opportunities
and improve business efficiencies with:

  • Ready to use pre-built queries.
  • Real time analysis – including charts, graphs and pivot tables that allow you to make decisions and share information while it is still relevant
  • Dynamic analysis that allows re-sort, drill-down, focus, drill up, filtering and more..
  • User driven analysis without impacting IT or production performance
  • A single version of the truth
  • Customize queries to meet your specifics needs


Stacy Reese, President of Swell, commented. “The [Taurus] Analysis Suite gives our management team the immediate insight and report generation ability they have been asking for.”
From merchandising, marketing, sales and purchasing, to warehouse, inventory, accounting and fulfillment, Taurus’ business intelligence solutions make it easy for your people to get the information they need to deploy resources, monitor progress, respond to change, identify problems, uncover trends, and improve efficiency.


Understand product and vendor performance, perform sales analysis, monitor fulfillment, analyze promotions, track customer buying habits or perform sales vs demand analysis… all this and more is at the tip of your fingertips with our easy to use Business Intelligence solutions.



Whether you are building your own data warehouse or can leverage one of Taurus’ pre-built solutions, let us offer our experience working with hundreds of companies to consolidate data for real time analysis.