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Taurus Software’s SystemBridger, a combined package from Taurus Software and Abtech Systems, enables you to quickly and cost effectively create a real-time replica of your legacy environment in a relational database.

SystemBridger comes complete with turnkey implementation, hardware, relational database, software and support to create a real-time operational data store (ODS). Legacy data is replicated, reconciled and made available for immediate analysis.



Everything you need for rapid deployment

Taurus’ premier software tools and Abtech’s hardware create a combined solution that can be operational in as little as two weeks!



With SystemBridger, you are able to:

Deploy a relational environment replicating production data real-time in as little as two weeks.

Gain real-time reporting without impacting production.

Eliminate delays waiting for reports to run overnight or during low volume times.

Establish a comprehensive repository for all production data.

Deploy a consolidated data store that permits single-view analysis of data from many systems.

Create reports quickly using open systems tools, such as Analysis Services, Crystal and OBIEE.

Optimize the data cleansing and validation process.

Deliver incremental data updates to external feeds or data warehouses.

Develop a migration path or upgrade outdated closed systems.

See a complete history of change with historic states of information that comply with key regulatory audit requirements.


SystemBridger includes all the functionality of DataBridger, click here for complete information on DataBridger features.