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Simplify Data Movement…

The ease that data is managed and flows between applications is critical to the success of your company.  Taurus’ Data movement products ‘bridge’ the gaps between applications for seamless, real time, system integrations. Increase profits, maximize productivity and reduce the cost of data integrations by using Taurus’ Data Movement Solutions.

Quickly access and view data using a simple processes to map data from source to target. Our tools provide flexible, robust transformation logic to handle tough data cleansing, transformations and archiving. 


Our Data Movement Products include:


DataBridger  – An Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) software solution that provides real time data movement between disparate  environments  allowing  you to easily access, extract, cleanse, transform, migrate, load, synchronize, archive and manage your company’s data.


BridgeWare – An Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) software solution which shares the same features of Databridger  with the added functionality of BridgeWare Change detection : The component for HP3000 systems that permits delta change captures in IMAGE, KSAM and MPE data structures.

DataMovementIllustration2Taurus’ Data Movement Solutions simplify your data management challenges:


Data Movement – Get quick, efficient, real time synchronization between multiple data structures, such as web, order management or financial systems.

Data Aggregation – Build star schemas and summarized data tables for high level analysis.

Data Transformation – Utilize a powerful library of expressions and macros to cleanse and reformat data.

Data Migration – Use GUI-Based tools to define data transformations and see the impact of those transformations before actual movement, saving time and testing.

Data Profiling – Proactively identify data issues and exceptions for data hygiene and consistency.

Data Merging – Merge data from disparate systems to achieve an integrated view of multiple business entities giving you the ‘single version of the truth’.

Data Archiving – Selectively remove and preserve historical data from production systems to increase application performance and reduce report run times.

Data Warehousing  – Effectively capture real time or batch updates to create and update enterprise data warehouses.