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Manage for Ecomedate is a set of pre-built analyses that expand the power of Ecomedate by helping companies maximize profit on their inventory investment and negotiate better vendor terms.

Five areas of analysis – Inventory Aging, Turns, Backorders, Fill Rates and Vendor Scorecard –  work in concert to help companies better manage inventory and vendor relationships, allowing better control of capital outlay.

Manage for Ecomedate is not only a set of analysis, but a specialized underlying data structure, customized mappings, and external data entered via screens that compliments the Ecomedate product.

How does Manage for Ecomedate differ from Ecomedate Analysis Suite…?   


The analyses in ‘Manage’ are targeted for specific areas of financial improvement to allow companies to:

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arrowGrey2Maximize profit on inventory dollars
arrowGrey2Reduce dollars tied up in unproductive inventory
arrowGrey2Optimize inventory turns to increase return on investment
arrowGrey2Reduce the frequency and cost of backorders
arrowGrey2Ensure customer satisfaction by tracking fill rates
arrowGrey2Reduce costs associated with vendor delivery and compliance 


 Manage for Ecomedate queries require data that is not available in Ecomedate, specifically:

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arrowGrey2Aggregated data for long term analysis
arrowGrey2Historical data such as backorder history and inventory position
arrowGrey2Goals, cost and other external data not captured in Ecomedate
arrowGrey2Customized data groupings such return reasons or inventory status


The combination of this specialized data structure and pre-built analyses provide the tools needed to analyze, prioritize and take action based on the financial impact of inventory position and vendor history.


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