Taurus Software Products

Since 1987, Taurus Software has been making data liquid with an entire range of solutions designed to simplify data management. Through our full suite of Data Movement, Business Intelligence and Data Archiving products, clients worldwide have been able to transform, distribute and analyze data to improve business efficiencies and positively impact bottom line results.


Taurus’s data movement products provide real-time data movement tools to extract, synchronize, migrate, replicate, transform, cleanse, archive and manage your company’s data. Our products are automated, flexible and database neutral, providing you with a robust yet user friendly solution to meet all of your data movement needs.


hpAnalysisMaximize the value of your data with Taurus’s suite of Business Intelligence products. Utilize our intuitive pre-built queries to analyze your data across key business areas such as merchandising, marketing, purchasing, finance, operations and fulfillment. Take the burden off your IT staff and gain real time visibility into the operational data.



Maintain optimal data levels while retaining critical historical data with Taurus’ Archiving solutions. Taurus’ Archiving solutions provide a bidirectional method to move historical data between a production database and an archival database. With our Archiving solutions, you can improve system performance, meet regulatory requirements, and quickly retrieve historical data when needed.