DataBridger for MAPICS / Infor XA

Create a Business Intelligence environment of MAPICS / Infor XA data.

DataBridger’s Progress Open Edge Interface propagates your MAPICS / Infor XA data to a real time data store, giving your non-technical users unlimited access to MAPICS data. Run reports, synchronize your website or archive your data within a drag and drop interface with no impact on production performance.


Data from any application can be moved alongside the MAPICS data, creating a single corporate-wide source for analysis. Budgets, financial information, and other application data can all be consolidated via DataBridger.


DataBridger takes heavily coded, non-query-ready data feeds from your various systems. It then cleans, normalizes, indexes and reconciles that data making it available for immediate analysis and export.


Users can now have real-time production data that’s easy to access via open systems reporting tools without impacting production. Because DataBridger maintains real-time operational data, it can keep a data warehouse or other feeds current by passing only incremental changes, vastly reducing the drain on your system performance.

Users now have:

  • • A responsive, real-time reporting environment
  • • Reduced conflict with production
  • • A comprehensive repository for all operational data
  • • A data consolidation center for single-view access
  • • A unified data cleansing and validation process
  • • Incremental data updates to external feeds or data warehouses
  • • Ability to capture history of change




databridgerIllustrationMAPICSHow DataBridger works:

DataBridger’s extraction, transformation and load (ETL) engine “Warehouse” installs on your MAPICS/Infor XA and target servers. Data moves peer to peer without the need for a data hub, ensuring rapid data movement directly between sources and targets.

DataBridger’s, “Studio” GUI-development tool resides on your Windows PC. Studio is an easy to use tool built by Business Intelligence experts. Mappings created in Studio provide logic for data selection, cleansing, manipulation and movement.

Warehouse Scripts can be executed either locally on the Windows-based machine or on remote server(s). Data moves across the network directly to the target via TCP/IP. Scripts may be scheduled via Studio to run on remote platforms. Studio stores run audits so users can learn how data loads performed or view them real time.





DataBridger Highlights/Key Features

One step source/target mapping and table design ensures fast and quality BI data delivery.

Automated scripting process provides rapid development. Studio’s scripting tool eliminates the time consuming manual development of scripts and code.

Flexibility to easily customize your data movement and conversion process to your specific requirements.

Preview “before move” features including data profiling and data preview in resulting form – allows visual feedback on data model usability and allows business user involvement.

Hundreds of robust transformation features technically accessible to analyst and programmer alike.

Pliable data movement. Create whatever structures you need – aggregated, normalized, de-normalized, history of change. Deliver at the frequency needed – real-time, one-time, and/or incremental.

Sharable/transportable elements. Solve the problem once and then use it again and again. Data movement solutions can be shared within the team. Data movement can be deployed in a variety of environments without having to change code through use of configurations.

Database neutral. Data movement supports cross platform, cross database.

Change detection to effectively capture real time updates including creation and ongoing feeds to enterprise data warehouses.

Elimination of hub architecture – All data migration occurs on source and target systems reducing required disk space and load times.




Why Choose Taurus’ DataBridger?

Strong customer base: A proven track record – Since 1987, hundreds of clients across various industries have chosen DataBridger across a span of industries such as healthcare, government, manufacturing and retail.

Size doesn’t matter: Scalable – Whether you’re a large company looking to create a full functioning data warehouse or a small business looking to migrate legacy data to a new system, DataBridger can easily bridge the gap.

Free up resources by simplifying your data management: Easy to use – DataBridger includes intuitive point and click Studio GUI, reusable data source definitions and a powerful scripting language with built in data conversion functions. Even non-application experts can easily complete a successful implementation.

Protect your investment in legacy transactional systems: Saves you time and money – Migration is costly in a legacy environment. Not only do you lose your investment in your existing system, you have the added cost and complication of retraining staff and re-architecting your business process. DataBridger allows you to take advantage of homesteading to leverage state-of-the-art reporting tools while bridging the gap between your new system’s environment with legacy systems.

Single-view access and analysis: A single view of your data – DataBridger can help you consolidate data from any number of sources. Regardless of where data resides, the applications used or the level of detail or granularity, DataBridger consolidates data from across your business. It pulls data in real-time, making cross application queries practical – and very simple. So, you no longer have to keep data in spreadsheets or manually merge data with production extracts to get the reports you need.