Google Analytics graphicDataBridger for Google Analytics

Connect the dots between your web traffic statistics and business results!

arrowGrey2What keywords drive customers to your website?
arrowGrey2What landing page did the sale or inquiry come from?
arrowGrey2Are campaigns outside of your website contributing to your traffic?
arrowGrey2How long does it take a customer from initial landing until sale?


DataBridger for Google Analytics is a proven tool that allows you to automate your requests for Google Analytics data, giving you easy access to your web data in the formats you need.  No more cutting and pasting, get the data you want, how you want, when you need it.

With DataBridger for Google Analytics you will gain new insights into your customers’ behavior.


DataBridger’s features make the process easy!

arrowGrey2Supports wide range of databases and operating systems
arrowGrey2Includes a library with hundreds of data transformation functions
arrowGrey2Automates data retrievals eliminating manual data requests
arrowGrey2Helps overcome data request limitations enforced by Google
arrowGrey2Combines multiple data requests into one process
arrowGrey2Expands the limits regarding the quantity of the data retrieved
arrowGrey2Schedules automatic updates
arrowGrey2Saves time and money with fast and easy implementation