CCrane logoTaurus Software, a premier provider of data movement and analytics solutions is pleased to welcome C Crane as a new customer joining over 50 other companies who use Taurus’ Ecomedate solution.

As part of their strategy to provide information to the business faster and easier, C Crane selected Ecomedate because it allows businesses to easily access and maximize the data within JDA’s Direct Commerce solution (previously known as Ecometry).

Ecomedate transforms Ecometry data, and optionally other data, into a separate real-time operational data store (ODS), optimized for access and analysis with pre-built queries and development tools. This new functionality will allow C Crane to quickly obtain reports and analyses in the formats they prefer, without the need to run multiple reports, extract to Excel and then perform additional tedious edits.  Many of the current reporting needs are already handled (easier and faster) by one of the queries included in the Analysis Suite.  Ecomedate’s open design and development tools will enable C Crane to even further customize and/or develop reports, if needed.

“Ecomedate was something that C Crane has looked at and wanted for almost 10 years. At long last, we are excited about the possibilities of maximizing our Ecometry, Google Analytics and other data.” – Jessica  Crotty, General Manager, C Crane


About C. Crane Company Inc.

C Crane has been in business for over 30 years providing high quality electronics around the world. We specialize in weak signal reception and have many products to improve the reception of weak radio and WiFi signals. We also focus on high quality audio. C Crane is proud of our customer service and technical support staff and we strive to have satisfied customers after the sale.

About Taurus Software
At Taurus Software, “making data liquid” means helping companies access their data easily. Taurus products include a variety of applications developed to help clients get more from their data by allowing them to Move, Map, Measure, and Manage data regardless of where it resides.  Learn more about Taurus Software and our offerings designed for various data platforms and applications. Call 650-482-2022 ext. 1, or visit