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September 2014 – Introducing Manage for Ecomedate

Ready to enhance the power of Ecomedate?  Taurus Software is pleased to announce the release of Manage for Ecomedate. Manage for Ecomedate is a pre-built set of analyses that help you maximize profit on your inventory investment and negotiate better vendor terms.  Manage for Ecomedate provides aggressive management of inventory position which can result in rapid financial returns.

Five areas of analysis work in concert to help companies better manage inventory and vendor relationships, allowing better control of capital outlays.

Manage Bars

  • Inventory Aging makes it easy to ensure your capital is being used for productive, profitable inventory – and to identify inventory that should be liquidated.
  • Inventory Turns help you understand if inventory is turning profitably, and how you can impact the financial return on the inventory investment.
  • Backorders identify the cost of items going on backorder and call out items which should be ordered to prevent future backorders.
  • Fill Rates compare shipments to goals and customer expectations.
  • Vendor Scorecard provides empirical vendor performance history and rankings to aid in negotiations.

For more information on how you can Expand the Power of Ecomedate for better information, improved efficiency and bottom line results, visit our Manage for Ecomedate web page.

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